5 SEO Tips To Survive Google Panda 4

  • Analyze: Obviously, the very first course of action is to assess the damage (if any) by using your site's analytics data to identify any recent precipitous drops in organic traffic. 
  • In addition to eradicating pages on your website that contain duplicate or highly similar blocks of information (See this post), make certain that all of your pages contain content that is written with purpose and passion, in addition to eliminating keyword stuffed text and link spam.
  • Put yourself in the minds of your website's users; surf your site across multiple devices to gauge their online experience and fix anything on your site that irritates you. Chances are it annoys everyone else too.
  • Plan ahead: Create a standard "to do" list before publishing content. This will help you to remember standard SEO elements, such as a punchy headline with good keyword elements and alt tags for images.
  • Restructure your content in a logical way; quality, wordy content is fine for resource and informational sections and concise, itemized summaries work better for service level and product pages.


5 SEO Tips to Avoid Duplicate Content

Avoid duplicate content creation with these useful strategies:
  1. Create unique and compelling pages, help your business thrive and avoid an obscured search presence. Don't force it; if you have to rack your brain to come up with more than 10 pages with unique themes, maybe 10 pages is all you need. 10 pages with great content are far more appealing to the user and the engines than a plethora of low quality and uninteresting pages.
  2. Create an ONSITE blog or forum and consistently contribute to it.
  3. Canonicalize: 301 redirect either the www or non-www, utilize rel=canonical and/or rel=next and rel=prev where necessary. 
  4. Handle Your URL Parameters: Use the free tools provided by Google and Bing Webmaster Tools to alert them to URL elements on your site that indicate duplicate pages.
  5. Use free tools, such as Copyscape: www.copyscape.com, to identify blocks of duplicate content on your own site or on external sites.


Google AdWords "Smart Annotations"